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  • It Is Well

    So here’s the deal.  This is typically the time every year that I tend to stop blogging.  No joke!  I start the year with all of this motivation and all of the gumption to become a wanna-be writer, and then inevitably at this point in the year I start to trail off.  Don’t believe me? […]

  • Weight Loss
  • The Cleanse

    Sooooo, today is one of the days I’ve been looking forward to: the beginning of the Max phase of my Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  This day marks the end of Phase 1…the cleanse phase.   I know many people usually cringe when they hear the word “cleanse” when related to a healthy lifestyle.  Clean is usually […]

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  • The Plans Change

    Yesterday was my 31st birthday and it didn’t go as planned (shocker, right!?)  Over the summer, I purchased tickets to an Advocare training event called Advonation.  The plan was for my husband and I to go together and learn to build our business as a team.  I was very pumped at the thought of getting […]