Week 10 Update and Progress Pictures!!!

Hello all!!!!!  I’m still here!  What a crazy two weeks it has been since I have written last!!!

For those who aren’t from around here and do not know, all of North Louisiana has experienced what has been lovingly titled “The Great Flood of 2016”.  Like, mega craziness down here.  Thankfully, my family was not personally affected by the flooding (other than schools shutting down for three days, which meant no work for me).  Other families in our area, however, were not so lucky, including my sister-in-law and her family.  Basically, if you weren’t on higher ground, then you needed an ark to make it through this one dry.  sorry folks

So while we were all safe and snug inside, we had to go a few days on the food we had in the house.  Luckily, I had everything I needed to stick to my low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet .  We were able to eat some “crack chicken” (recipe link in my last post), egg salad, Lunchable style lunches with pepperonis and cheese, and some breakfast foods thrown in there as well with our eggs, bacon, and sausage.  We ate well and I was able to stay in ketosis despite the chaos.  I was even able to squeeze in a run or two between savage downpours!

Prior to the torrential flooding, I decided I wanted to start training to run for a 10k (6.2 miles).  I started training a few days after getting into ketosis (probably not my smartest move), and the first day of training was pretty intense.  The run was 5 intervals of running for 8 minutes separated by 1 minute walks.  By the end of the run, I had completed 3.32 miles which is a little more than a 5k (3.1 miles).  I didn’t hate myself afterward, and I was actually pretty proud!  I was able to get in one more run before the storms came, and then BOOM!!!  It rained for 4 straight days.

I had a choice:  stay snuggled up and Netflix binge with junk food OR do something.  So I decided to do something.  By the end of flood day 1, my whole house was clean from top to bottom, and my eating was on point.  On flood day 2, I decided to lounge a bit, and then patrolled the downstairs to make sure all of my hard work from the day before wasn’t wasted.  That was a lot of work, actually.  Two stir-cray kids in a townhouse with non-stop rain outside…let’s just say, there’s only so many episodes of Sherman and Mr. Peabody that will hold their attention.  Then World War III.  By this time, I was feeling trapped.  My husband had been able to avoid the crazies by helping friends and family members sandbag their houses.  Not me.  Just trapped.  With the crazies.  I had to get out.  So as soon as there was a break in the clouds on day 3, it was time for a run.

Let me just pause here.  When I first started “running” (I put it in quotations because I don’t think what I was doing was actual running) I hated it.  I was absolutely horrid at it.  I was training with a group after school for our upcoming school 5k fundraiser, and I just wanted to die.  I complained literally every. step. of. the. way.  I’m sure our ringleader (and assistant principal) just LOVED me.  I had shin splints.  I was over weight.  I didn’t know how to breathe properly.  My shoes sucked.  Everything hurt.  Just pitiful.  I looked a lot like this:

horizontal runningThat was nearly 4 years ago.  Through several health battles with my feet and ankles, I still stuck with it.  I have completed 9 5k’s since then, so this year I decided to bump up my game and train for a 10k that will take place April 30.  My goal is to continue my progress and train for my first 1/2 marathon in October!

I say all that to say this:  just because you have tried something before and hated it, doesn’t mean that you can’t grow to love it.  Maybe some of you have tried running and felt like me at the beginning and just decided to quit.  Maybe it’s not running.  Maybe it’s getting your diet under control.  Maybe you had one REALLLY good day, only to blow it the next.  Then you quit.  Or maybe it’s putting yourself in an exercise class that maybe makes you a little uncomfortable, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, you grow to love it, and all the people in there aren’t really judging you like you thought.  Maybe it’s a dream God gave you for your life but a little bump in  the road came up, and you put that dream on the back burner.

Whatever your “something” is, maybe you should reconsider.  If it is good for your health, mind, body, or spirit, and you have tried but failed, JUST GO FOR IT!   Maybe the time wasn’t right the first time.  Maybe it will take a lot more work than you initially signed up for.  Maybe it will hurt (like learning to run).  Let go of your excuses and do it!  Get some friends in on it with you!

I have really enjoyed running over the past few weeks.  It is a way for me to blow off steam, burn some calories, and spend some one-on-one time with God.  I’m glad I decided to stick with it.  I find it easier to do if I commit to running a race that supports a cause I believe in.  Set a date.  Pay your entry fee.  Get a training app on your phone (I use Run Double).  Get some decent running shoes that support your feet.  GET OUT THERE!!

Running and continuing on my LCHF lifestyle has helped me shed some more pounds.  When I wrote you last one March 7, I weighed in at 187.6.  This morning, I weighed in at 181.5!  Thats down 6.1 pounds in 2 weeks for a total weight loss of 15.5 pounds since January 11 (10 weeks ago).  I’m excited!!!!   I promised you guys some progress pictures, but I need you to promise not to laugh.  Alright, you can laugh.  I won’t know.  But don’t tell me you laughed.


My before picture was taken on Jan 11, Day 1 of my 24-Day Challenge at 197 pounds.  I was feeling very frumpy and all of my clothes were too tight.  Thank the Lord that it was the middle of winter.  I could wear leggings and big sweaters without feeling out of place.  I was tired, and stressed (especially about the weight I had gained).  I felt bloated and exactly like a busted can of biscuits.  I even tried to make a futile attempt to feel pretty by slapping on a coat of red lipstick.  Joke.



While there may not be a huge visual difference, 15 pounds has made a difference in other places.  I am proud of myself when I look in the mirror, where I was not before.  I feel lighter when I run.  I fit better in my clothes, and I’ve lost enough to know I’m doing something right, so I am definitely encouraged enough to keep going.


My prayer is that at least one person who reads this is inspired to keep going after a goal that they once started and gave up on.  Even if you take small steps, you are still heading in the right direction.  If you need prayer, advice, encouragement, suggestions on Advocare products, or just a listening ear, let me know!  I’d love to help!

Your Friend in the Fight Against Fat,


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