Kangaroo Pouch

Well folks, I obviously didn’t intend to skip blog writing for the summer, but I have legit been BUSY!  For those who don’t know, I am switching grade levels in teaching (from preK to kindergarten), and switching grades also meant switching classrooms…like, diagonally across the hall.  No lie.  While it has been very refreshing to start new in a clean room, it has also meant A LOT of work.  I have painted the whole classroom, arranged the furniture, added decor, and organized all my stuff.  I am now beginning to focus on a new curriculum, thinking about schedules, planning my behavior management strategy, and organizing information for open house.  For those who think teachers do nothing all summer, you have just volunteered to help me!  Thank you! haha

On top of all these new kinder shenanigans, I have been trying to entertain an 8-year-old and a 5-year-old.  Not really easy when you live in a townhouse with a neighbor that works at night and sleeps all day.  I really feel more sorry for my kids than the neighbor so I try to get them out as much as possible, which is also really hard when you don’t have a yard and the HOA doesn’t allow children to play in our cul-de-sac parking area (*trying not to be bitter*).

While life has been a little hectic, I have been finding a bit of solace in my early morning workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at ChristFit gym.  That is literally the only time I have to myself without kids in my face asking me “where are we going? What’s for snack?  Can I have another snack?  When’s lunch? Can you fix the t.v.?”  Ugh.

My gym game has been pretty strong, but the running game………..not so much.  I haven’t gone for a run in almost 3 weeks.  Mainly because I feel like I’m dying a slow death in a sweat hut…even at 5:30 in the morning.  This Louisiana heat and humidity is no joke.  I’m trying to talk myself back into this habit, but negotiations are not going well.

My keto diet has suffered a bit thanks to the introduction of these little Atkins snack bars haha.  They are so yummy and low in carbs that I think I have enough carbs left for more than one a day.  I don’t.  They will lie to you.  So I think I will have to stop buying them to get my life back in order, because obviously I can’t handle them.



So enough with the updates, and on to more important things, like the day I almost killed my son.


Anyone who knows my handsome little Ross knows that his looks are just a cover-up for the beastie that lives inside.  He literally talks NON-STOP.  Like, all day.  He is very precious and curious and honestly means well (most of the time) but can’t for the life of him shut that mouth!

On Sunday morning, we were in a rush to get ready for church (per usual) and Ross busts up in my room while I’m trying to get dressed (also per usual).  While I’m dressing, he spots my bare tummy and says “Ooooo mom!!  I saw your kangaroo pouch!”  I gave him a sideways look and he continued (of course.  Because he never. stops. talking.)  “I know that’s where me and Brooklyn came from because that is where mommas store the babies before they pull them out of their tummies.”  Then he stops, shoots me a confused look, and says “but momma, I’m almost 6 years old.  Why is your kangaroo pouch still so puffy?”  WHAT IN THE LITERAL HECK?!  GET OUT!!!

Bless him.  I know it was totally innocent, but it caught me off guard and I wasn’t ready.  I WASN’T READY!  Gotta fight the devil in my bedroom on a Sunday morning in the form of a blonde haired, blue-eyed boy.  Help him, Lord.

It’s funny how a little half-truth can stop you dead in your tracks and make you want to give up on your goals (and your religion for a second haha).  While my “kangaroo pouch” is a bit “puffy” still, it is a work in progress.  I haven’t given up on it yet!  It’s amazing how the devil can shoot daggers through the tongues of my angel babies, but I can’t be mad at them.  I have to recognize the devil’s attack and replace it with God’s truth, and also with the truth that I carried two babies in this “kangaroo pouch” (and gained 80 pounds collectively doing so), had two babies cut out of said pouch, and recovered from both of those surgeries.  I know that things will never be perfect in that area with two scars to prove it, but I am working hard to change it, and I won’t let a little comment stop it now!

After I repented for the cuss words I thought in my head, I went on to church and calmed down.  While I know I haven’t been in ketosis for a few weeks (thanks to previously mentioned Atkins snacks), I have strategically avoided the scale for fear of being disappointed. So yesterday I decided to bite the bullet, step on the scale, and take my measurements.  To my surprise, I have lost both weight and inches!  I am down 3 pounds from June 6 (179.4 to 176.1).  My body fat percentage is down from 40.5% to 39.3%, and my inches are all down as follows:

June 6                       July 11

arms:             12.5 in                     12.25 in      (-.25 in)

chest:             39.5 in                     38.25 in     (-1.25 in)

waist:            33 in                         31.5 in         (-1.5 in)

tummy:        42 in                         40.5 in        (-1.5 in)

hips:             46.5 in                      45.5 in         (-1 in)

thigh:           26.5 in                      25.75 in       (-.75 in)

calf:              16 in                          15.5 in         (-.5 in)


That’s 6.75 inches down in a month!  I’ll take it!  So yes, Ross, my “kangaroo pouch” is still there, but in time, it will hopefully be a little smaller.  We’ll see if you notice then.  Punk.  😉


While we have a hard enough time controlling our own internal thoughts, don’t let a careless comment wreck your progress!  Grab that comment, punch it in the face, and move on!!  You can do this!

Your Friend in the Fight Against Fat,



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